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Entopy’s platform solution, Tracca, combines hardware, data storage and management, connectivity and hosted software to enable the collection and analysis of data within supply chain and industrial environments

Real Time, dynamic Sensors

Our unique technology allows sensors to work as teams. Tracca sensors can communicate as frequently as every minute but lasting months if not years without the need for charge.

No infrastructure

Location, temperature and shock data is communicated via the cellular network meaning Tracca requires no infrastructure and allows rapid, drop and play deployment.

Secure and interoperable

The Tracca solution uses the most advanced security technologies and techniques meaning absolute security and ability to interface with existing systems.

Ready to go, delivering value ‘out of the box’

Tracca can be deployed rapidly and delivers value immediately. No lengthy integration; No CapEx; No need to use scarce IT resource.

Tracca can be set up in minutes. Retro fit Tracca senors to asset or equipment that you wish to track and monitor. Flat surface and cage attachment mounts are available.

The solution is easy to use with intuitive dashboards meaning there is little to no training required. Learn how the Tracca Platform Solution could benefit your business.

Unique insights

Tracca delivers analysis in two ways. Event driven alerts notify users when something has happened and requires action. The Tracca reporting and analytics tools deliver unique insights such as temperature trends, dwell time analysis and asset activity.

Association of IoT data

Data collected from Tracca sensors is meaningless until it is associated with the real world. Tracca associates sensor data with real assets and locations. Data can be accessed within our application or extracted via the Tracca API.


The Tracca platform solution can be customised to suit a range of needs for a range of different use cases. Customers can work with Entopy’s trusted partners to form bespoke service solutions and custom interfaces.

Who we work with

Entopy works with trusted partners to deliver managed, integrated and bespoke solutions for a range of global companies.

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