e n t o p y


Bringing the supply chain online

Based in Cambridge, UK, Entopy’s vision is to bring supply chains online. Our mission is to develop technology solutions that enable businesses to realise the supply chain of the future. With a high focus on practicality and operational viability, our solutions deliver business value aligned with key KPI’s.

It is our firm belief that IoT will change the game. It will enable next level productivity and efficiency within these complex networks, delivering complete transparency between stakeholders.

Strong customer focus

Every decision we make starts with the end user, ensuring value is created in a practical way.

Pushing boundaries

Always challenging what’s possible, moving the needle on what technology can deliver.

We value our people

Ensuring our amazing people, have the right environment, to deliver great work.
Passion, Innovation, Precision

A team dedicated to unlocking the power of IoT within the supply chain

The Entopy team consists of highly passionate individuals with expertise spanning the full spectrum of IoT solutions and commercial application, from hardware and software to commercial and process.

Collaboration is at the centre point of our thinking. Being able to offer rounded solutions to our customers is one of our core strengths and we couldn’t do this without fantastic partners. We have already demonstrated some exciting integrations, delivered projects with major brands and gained industry recognition through prestigious awards.

Entopy’s trusted partner network offer complimentary experience and expertise