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As more companies turn their attention to new technologies in efforts to drive cost savings and gain competitive advantages, opportunities are increasingly there for individuals to take the reins, champion IoT and strengthen their personal brand.

IoT projects and implementations require key individuals to own initiatives, gain buy-in across multiple departments and businesses rely on theses individuals knowledge to deliver success. Those who do unlock the IoT for their respective businesses will become invaluable members of the organisation for years to come.

This is especially true in the supply chain, where the IoT solutions will inevitably become integral parts of businesses operations, relied upon by many systems and processes moving forward.

But, with opportunity comes risk. If it all goes wrong, it can have the opposite effect. It’s for this reason that many will wait and see, getting involved only after the first few hurdles have been overcome.

Entopy’s approach supports those innovative thinkers within an organisation. Too often, people play safe. With the right vendor approach, the right technology, and the right plan, we can all strive for the future.

A solution out of the box

For a start, the Tracca Platform Solution is plug and play, working straight out of the box. This feature allows rapid deployment in a containerised way meaning no other departments need to get involved, no IT resource is required, helping to move things on at pace. It also allows for initial tests and trials to be conducted covertly to allow confidence to be built up before the champions… well, champion.

Entopy has also developed starter-kits. Starter-kits offer a quick and low-cost way to use and test the solution, helping to build a picture of how the solution could work for your business at scale. Starter kits offer the full experience, ready to go technology and unlimited user access so others can be brought in as things progress.

The way the Tracca Platform Solution has been packaged means that with a very small budget, IoT can start in your business immediately. Once you’ve started, it’s real and the message you take back internally will be supported by actual data.

A structured approach

Over time, Entopy and its partners have developed a phased programme designed to de-risk the adoption of IoT solutions. The process starts by defining a macro level business case looking at key KPI’s and cost savings. The business case also factors operational and integration viability and effectively paints the picture of the supply chain of the future, bespoke for your business.

From there, we work through a series of phases, validating each one of the hypotheses the business case is derived from. These hypotheses will, of course, include KPI performance, for example, delivery discrepancies or asset utilisation data but also include operational feasibility and integration work.

At the end of the programme, the business is ready and set to go with a clear picture and absolute confidence in the value that will be realised. This process also allows our champions to gain buy-in from departments across an organisation.

Amazing partners

Our partners are experts across multiple fields. Bringing their own expertise to the table really helps to strengthen proposals, add credibility to projects and offer additional resource where required. Our partners include market leaders in technology distribution and services as well as the market leader in supply chain audit services. “You can’t get fired for buying…” – guess what, we work with them too…

Together, we will achieve great things. Entopy wants to celebrate those unique individuals within an organisation who without, the world and business would not move forward. But critically, our approach allows innovative thinkers to explore and push whilst removing any downside.


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