e n t o p y


Supply Chain Visibility

We call it the Trainspotter Model – it relies on capturing a number (from a barcode or perhaps RFID) at a few locations and instances. It’s like a trainspotter standing beside a line trying to read numbers at high speed and relating them to a timetable that may or may not reflect reality.

When there are issues, the last verified location may be hours and miles away. There may be live tracking of vehicles, but the association of individual orders with the truck is to some extent theoretical – a roll cage or tote left behind may not be spotted.

Visibility ought to be current and continuous data on where the goods are, their status and to what extent this conforms to schedule. The barriers to moving on from the Trainspotter Model include the need for specialist hardware to be wired into vehicles, operation only in a closed loop, and short battery life.

Tracca is a game-changing Solution-as-a-Service that overcomes all these barriers. Tracca combines hardware, software and knowledge to deliver continuous supply chain visibility on location, temperature, acceleration and speed.  Entopy’s proprietary DCP meshing technology extends battery life potentially to years. Powerful cloud-based analytics generate alerts and deliver dashboard reporting.

Isn’t it time you stopped trainspotting, and started Tracc-ing?