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There have been many studies and surveys conducted to explore the barriers preventing the adoption of IoT solutions in enterprise. Among the top concerns are security, interoperability with existing systems and uncertain returns on investment. Source

In this blog, we will explore these barriers and learn what Entopy is doing to overcome them.

Articulating, validating and realising ROI whilst de-risking IoT projects

Uncertain ROI is still a key barrier to adoption. Not only is value uncertain, but business leaders find it challenging to manage IoT projects in a structured way. A recent survey by Informa’s IoT World conference confirms that IoT has many challenges holding back growth. Nearly half of the executives surveyed (46.94%) stated that implementation problems plagued their IoT solution projects, while an additional 12.24% singled out the lack of the support for a production-quality deployment as a key hurdle. Source

Entopy has focused specifically on the supply chain. Even more specifically on the journey of goods and asset between sites and key stakeholders. Doubling down on this niche area has allowed Entopy to grow a deep understanding of the problems that IoT can resolve and critically, how solutions can be applied in operational environments.

To help IoT projects be more successful, Entopy has developed a phased approach to driving adoption. The process starts by building big picture economics before working through phases to validate initial hypothesis’. Working hand in hand with its extensive partner base, Entopy can offer operational and business expertise as well and technical integration and support.

Data becomes more valuable as it touches more systems

Data collected and analysed in isolation can be valuable but integrating this data with existing systems to improve performance and drive automation is where things get really exciting. To do this, solutions need to offer integration tools and be underpinned by robust security.

Security cannot be an afterthought. It has to be carefully thought through and baked into the solution from the start. This is painstaking work, driving longer development cycles and for this reason, it’s an aspect of IoT solutions that is often overlooked by many vendors.

However, without appropriate levels of security, interoperability will remain a dream. There are three key drivers for embedding security into an IoT solution:

  1. Data protection, integrity, and system resilience
  2. Interoperability with legacy systems
  3. Protection against outbound DDOS

All three aspects are key and without confidence that IoT solutions have properly addressed security from bottom up, solutions will be limited to standalone operation.

Integration with IoT solutions should deliver value not additional work

Legacy systems are not designed to process IoT data. They are not designed to sift through various data formats, interpret data strings from IoT solutions, etc. They’ve never had to before. Therefore, data needs to be processed, aggregated and turned into meaningful insights before being pushed to other systems.

Entopy has developed a comprehensive API suite which enables the secure interaction with data collected and processed within the Tracca Platform Solution allowing simple integration. Our REST API allows key events, happenings and processed data sets to be extracted and used to enhance the performance of legacy systems without creating extra work for internal IT teams.


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