The innovator

Sian is the Head of Innovation & Technology at a major UK fashion brand. As part of her job, Sian spends time with key stakeholders of the business, from customers to stores, to understand challenges and find solutions to problems.

Sian has identified two major challenges faced by her store teams that can be heavily mitigated by introducing two new data-driven software applications.  

Sian consults her IT department, only to learn that it will take between 6-12 months to develop each of the software applications. Whilst the raw data needed to develop each application exists, the IT teams would have to spend months building back-end tools to structure and analyse the data correctly to provide the insights Sian envisages, making the projects unviable.

As an innovator, Sian is incredibly frustrated by the lack of speed and agility needed to solve real business problems.

With Entopy, both data-driven software applications could be delivered in a couple of months. Using the semantic data foundation created by Entopy as a platform, IT would be able to bypass much of the painstaking and lengthy back-end work, radically shortening delivery timescales.