An extension of your data team

The Entopy platform is designed to be foundational. It can be deployed for a particular use case and extended to another. Within a single use case, it can be quickly adapted and enhanced to deliver new outputs and answer new questions. The flexibility and agility that the Entopy platform provides is a significant advantages, enabling businesses to deliver data at speed. 

The data-driven applications and services enabled by the Entopy platform can take many forms. In some cases, the outputs will be an application used by non-technical users. In other cases, the output will be an API swagger used by developer teams, providing a semantic data foundation for accelerated development of future applications and software tools. 

In either case, given how the real world shifts and changes at such speed, the ability to twist and turn is critical. And even though the Entopy platform lends itself to being highly-adaptive, technical/developer resources are often required to implement and make such adjustments. 

Entopy believes that the best way to unlock true transformational value from data is through deep collaboration. To this end, Entopy works as closely as possible with customer teams. Our team essentially become an extension of your development team, ensuring rapid delivery, robust service, and agile iteration.