Data capture & integration

Connecting data:

Live data is usually sourced from existing systems connected to the Entopy platform. These systems connect to Entopy via API, enabling the Entopy platform to capture relevant data to support the desired outputs in a targeted way. Entopy developers work closely with customer teams to facilitate system integration, offering as much support as is required to ensure smooth connection of target systems.  

Notional data can be uploaded through a range of tools provided by Entopy or written directly into Entopy within one of the operational applications. Entopy also supports several connectors to facilitate the capture of relevant data. Tools that facilitate webhooks, auto-transfer files and so on can be utilised where necessary.

Supplementary (or global) data can also be ingested to support the delivery of a use case from one of Entopy’s existing source system integrations.

Entopy core:

Entopy core is the base of the Entopy platform. Data first enters this data layer where it is cleaned and structured to form core datasets. These datasets fuel Entopy’s digital twin & ontology layer where the data is modelled and operationalised.

Entopy core is the fabric as the base of the Entopy platform. It is what fuels the data-driven applications that the Entopy platform ultimately provides and structures data using our proprietary methodology to ensure repeatability across future models built using the Entopy ontology.