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Solution as a Service

This evolved to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Today, we have further iterations such as Security-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Service. However, as companies strive for more and more efficiency, they are increasingly seeking more sophisticated solutions, delivered as simply as possible.

This has led to the evolution of Solution-as-a-Service (SOaaS) which combines hardware, software and knowledge to provide innovative out of the box solutions. Whilst the core offering is the same for all users, the solutions typically allow for self-tailoring and customisation to meet specific needs.

The cloud services revolution started with Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). This is the model that Entopy has devised to bring Tracca to market. With its keen focus on driving transparency and greater efficiency into supply chains, Entopy recognises the need for a holistic solution. Namely, companies must be able to collect data on their supply chains; analyse the data; create MIS reporting and then take the appropriate actions.

Such a solution requires not only innovative hardware and software but a hosted and connected infrastructure which allows the data to be securely collected, moved, stored and processed and scaled, as required. Delivering this breadth of solution in one easy to license service is the very essence of SOaaS.

It is little wonder that companies are increasingly considering SOaaS to drive change and innovation. The alternative is a significant budget for R&D, high upfront investment in infrastructure and large HR IT costs for service and support.

SOaaS providers like Entopy on the other hand, have the ability to deliver ‘drop and play’ solutions and to benefit from the economies of scale of servicing multiple customers, making their offerings highly cost effective. In addition, the solutions can continually evolve as they learn more about customer’s needs, providing more and more services, such as customized reporting and APIs, to enable the integration of other software and data into the solution. Such use of technology and information is key to driving productivity to a new level.

Consequently, as the benefits of SOaaS become more apparent, the demand for services such as Entopy’s Tracca will grow rapidly. In addition, it will enable small and medium size companies to have access to more sophisticated solutions, making businesses more efficient and competitive.