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Swiss Army Knife

There are many technologies striving to deliver supply chain visibility – vehicle trackers, electronic Proof Of Delivery, parcel and consignment tracking, and live supply chain dashboards.

But they all suffer from some of the following drawbacks – they are usually point solutions, addressing just a small part of supply chain visibility; they may need specialist hardware to be wired into vehicles; they operate only in a closed loop, whether a specific supply chain or a particular carrier’s network; they often rely on daily recharging of batteries.

Finally, in order to generate real value, such as immediate exception alerts and dashboard reporting, they require extensive IT development to integrate the solution with existing systems – and organisations’ IT resources are fully allocated, adding delay to implement any new supply chain visibility project.

When I learnt about Entopy’s Solution-as-a-Service called Tracca, I was excited to see a genuinely revolutionary tool. Tracca delivers multiple visibility functions immediately, out-of-the-box, and with no capital investment and no IT integration. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of supply chain visibility – multi-functional, reliable, immediately ready for use.

I was so inspired by Tracca, and the strong team at Entopy, that I have joined them! As Senior Adviser, I’m bringing 30 years of supply chain experience, to ensure that the solution is shaped to be relevant to almost any supply chain, with an easy journey to pilot and scale up to roll-out. Feel free to contact me directly, or any of the team at Entopy.