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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad brush term for a number of transformational technologies. Not only do ‘things’ need to be connected through sensors or integrated technology, but the data needs to be communicated, processed, analysed and redistributed.

The technology stack alone is complex. Then, there is a real need for deep operational understanding of the target environments. Especially in industrial applications such as supply chain. Taking new technologies and applying them successfully to business-critical functions is a complex task.

However, with all of the complexity, there is huge potential. The benefits of IoT are clear and becoming well understood. Overcoming the complexity to ensure the benefits can be realised is key. No one company can cover all bases and for this reason, collaboration is critical to the success of IoT initiatives in industry.


Technology on its own is not enough. For IoT implementations to be successful and deliver rapid and clearly measureable returns, deep operational understanding of the business is required. This may come directly from the adopting business. However, it is important that vendors surround themselves with knowledge intensive partners who can support IoT projects correctly and ensure customer success.


There is no on form factor in IoT. One type of sensor may be great for a particular application however, for others, a different type may be required. A key challenge with IoT technologies is the lack of consistent standards. Data may be output in multiple formats. Integration methods may vary. Collaboration between vendors to ensure system interoperability will enable all sources to operate together, under one roof.


Embarking on an IoT project or implementation can be daunting. It is important that the right parties are at the table to instil confidence in future initiatives.

It is for these reasons that Entopy celebrates it’s partner network. Together with it’s partners, Entopy removes complexity and doubts surrounding IoT solutions, allowing our customers to focus on the benefits.


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