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Sensing the world, simply.

Entopy’s platform solution, Tracca, enables greater visibility into supply chain and industrial environments.

Real Time, dynamic Sensors

Tracca’s small, self-powered sensors can retro fit to anything within your supply chain or industrial environment.

Real Time, dynamic Sensors

Extended battery life

Tracca sensors work as teams sharing the workload of data collection and communication. This allows minute by minute communication whilst maintaining a battery life of many months if not years.


Tracca can be customised to suit changing needs. The Tracca API suite enables Tracca to interface with existing systems and other technologies. Tracca is the perfect platform solution to lead your digitalisation project.

Robust and Secure

Tracca has been purpose built for use in supply chain and industrial environments with robust and ruggedized sensors and intuitive software.

Value Out of the Box

Tracca is an end to end solution enabling rapid, drop and play deployment, delivering value immediately.

Who we work with

Entopy works with trusted partners to deliver managed, integrated and bespoke solutions for a range of global companies.

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Award Winners

Entopy – winner of the Retail Knowledge 2018 Fraud Awards for ‘The Most Innovative Cross Functional Solution’.

The Retail Knowledge Awards recognise outstanding performance of vendors and retailers working in the retail sector, as judged by their peers, in dealing with risk and asset protection.

We're Hiring

Entopy is always on the look-out for new and exciting talent to join our team. If you are ambitious, driven, tech savvy individual that works well in a fast paced, ever changing environment and is accustom to working well within teams, then please get in touch.

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