Entopy’s software looks at data through the lens of the entity.

To uncover real time
answers hidden in your data.

How it works

Data capture

Disparate systems connect to Entopy via API. Using proprietary algorithms, Entopy’s software captures data from respective systems in a highly targeted way to ensure only relevant data is surfaced.

Entopy Core

Data is modelled to real-world things, updating in real time, allowing Entopy to look at data through the lens of the entity. Object models provide structure to manage real time data capture whilst segmenting data at a granular level.

Ontology & digital twin

Entopy’s ontology captures the dynamic relationships between real-world things, evolving over time, creating sophisticated digital twins which can be used to generate highly actionable, multidimensional insights in real time.

Data driven applications

Multiple stakeholders can interact with aspects of the digital twin through intuitive applications, developer APIs, and push notifications, enabling users to gain tangible value from data.


Digital Twin Case Study
Supporting partners

Supporting Fujitsu to deliver Smart Borders.

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