Our software delivers operational and predictive intelligence across real-world environments.

Delivering actionable intelligence,
unique to your environment,
as-a-service, and at speed.

How it works

Entopy Core

Data is captured and attributed to real-world things (objects), integrating and making sense of very different data, across a myriad of disparate systems, whilst maintaining granular data segmentation.

Ontology & Digital Twin

Entopy’s ontology captures the dynamic relationships between real-world things, evolving over time, creating sophisticated digital twins which can be used to generate highly actionable, multidimensional insights.


Our foundational software enables a novel approach to Artificial Intelligence, creating a network of multiple targeted models, combined with real-time event-based data to deliver dynamic predictive intelligence.


We use our proprietary software to create a model, unique to your environment, delivering effective intelligence through intuitive user dashboards or sophisticated APIs, supporting other services and the automation of processes.

Case studies

Digital Twin Case Study
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