Entopy CEO participates in industry roundtable with Minister for Roads and Transport.

In October, Entopy’s CEO, Toby Mills was invited to participate in an industry roundtable with the Minister for Transport and Roads, Richard Holden. The event was hosted by the Connected Places Catapult and was timely following the culmination of the first Freight Innovation Fund Accelerator and the start of Freight week. 

Around 30 industry leaders and innovators from the freight sector attended including senior officials from the Department for Transport (DfT). The conversation centred around key themes including the role of innovation in supporting commercial growth in the UK freight sector, how public and private sectors can collaborate to deliver on the objectives of the Future of Freight Plan as well as opportunities for innovators to showcase their products and companies.

The event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase Entopy and what is had achieved in the 6-month Freight Innovation Fund accelerator programme. Toby Mills said: “It was a great privilege to have been invited to attend the roundtable event with the minister. The discussion was very positive with lots of really interesting contributions.

It was also a great opportunity to spend time with the minister, showcasing Entopy and what we have been able to achieve in a very short period within the Freight Innovation Fund Accelerator programme.”

Editor note: Richard Holden was promoted to Minister Without Portfolio and Conservative Party Chairman on the 13th November 2023.