Entopy signs smart border technology deal with Fujitsu

Supply chain visibility pioneer Entopy has signed a two-year agreement with IT services company Fujitsu UK & Ireland to underpin its smart border solution, Atamai Freight. The move follows a successful trial, using Entopy software, on routes between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Atamai Freight enables goods to move seamlessly by verifying the integrity of freight from the point of loading through to the point of unloading. Unifying all the different elements of the supply chain on a single digital platform means businesses can automatically complete complex customs procedures – saving time and money – and provide customers with accurate arrival times for goods.

At the heart of the novel solution is Entopy’s software stack, which co-ordinates data input by users of the service and the ‘smart’ seals fitted to trailers. The data is processed and combined to create a ‘digital twin’ of a consignment, with events captured and communicated to relevant stakeholders throughout the consignment’s lifecycle.

The Entopy technology also enables the capture of data from existing supply chain systems – such as transport management, order management and telematics systems – which will ensure Atamai Freight can be used by industry with minimal disruption.

“Our unique intelligent data orchestration technology synchronises all the various data inputs, ensuring only relevant data is captured and creating detailed consignment lifecycle records which are written to a blockchain where they are held immutably,” said Entopy CEO Toby Mills.

“This removes the need for numerous discrete connections and maintains data integrity, whilst enabling Atamai Freight to deliver complete and coherent visibility across the many stakeholders involved in modern supply chains.

“For Entopy, this deal is a milestone on the road to transforming both domestic and international trade in the years to come through the use of our intelligent data orchestration and digital twin technology.”

Christian Benson, VP and Client Managing Director at Fujitsu UK & Ireland, said: “With the help of our consortium partners, we are establishing a new level of collaboration and trust throughout the UK supply chain – making it easier to move goods. Atamai Freight provides real-time visibility of each journey and consignment, which can then be shared with participating businesses and government authorities.”