Entopy & The University of Essex secure Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

Entopy and the University of Essex have recently secured Innovate UK funding to proceed with a Knowledge Transfer Partnership worth over £260k. The partnership will extend Entopy’s existing capabilities in data analytics and applied Artificial Intelligence. Securing the KTP is the first step in a long-term partnership between Entopy and the university’s leading Institute for Analytics and Data Science (IADS).

Entopy is an innovative software business based in Cambridge, UK focusing on delivering highly effective operational and predictive intelligence to businesses, using a combination of digital twin and Artificial Intelligence. Its foundational software uncovers hidden answers across large, complex, and disparate datasets to deliver historical, real-time, and predictive insights. 

Building on its highly innovative software platform, Entopy has developed a novel approach to Artificial Intelligence called micromodels. The technology breaks large, complex predictive problems into smaller, more specific ‘chunks’, deploying targeted AI models to specific parts of the problem. Using its foundational software, outputs from respective models are networked together with real-time data to deliver dynamic networks of micromodels capable of providing effective predictive intelligence in complex operational settings.

The technology also addresses major challenges in the effective application of AI in complex, real-world environments, enabling data segmentation across multiple stakeholders to be maintained, supporting explainable predictive outputs and iterative deployment of complex predictive models.

The partnership will progress Entopy’s micromodels roadmap, focusing on the generalisation and federation of micromodels to increase the efficacy of Entopy’s software and reduce deployment time across a broad range of use cases. Positive feedback from Innovate UK stated: “Building on its novel software platform, Entopy is progressing the state of the art in this field.”

KTPs offer a unique opportunity to access funding for innovation and growth, and through collaborating with the University of Essex, Entopy will be working with leading academics Professor Haris Mouratidis and Dr Mays Al-Naday from the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE), who will share their expertise throughout the project.

Professor Haris Mouratidis, Director of the Institute for Analytics and Data Science commented: “We are very excited to work with Entopy on this KTP. The project will enable us to combine our world-leading research on micromodel technology and federated learning with Entopy’s leading intelligence platform to provide innovative solutions to a fast-developing, but also highly complex, sector in that Entopy is operating. The project is part of a larger scale collaboration with Entopy around data science, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity aiming to revolutionise predictive intelligence in complex operational environments.”

Dr Mays Al Naday added: “This is an exciting opportunity to join forces with Entopy in delivering breakthrough innovation of AI services, expanding the digital twinning capabilities offered to Entopy’s clients. It is also a starting point of what we foresee as a long and prosperous partnership on research and innovation in AI, cloud services and cybersecurity; supporting general digital transformation in the UK.”

The KTP will support funds recently awarded to Entopy through the prestigious Freight Innovation Fund Accelerator (FIF). This programme, funded by the Department for Transport and delivered by Connected Places Catapult, is designed to support, and finance innovators to trial their solutions within real-world environments and prepare their businesses to go to market. FIF identified a major challenge in delivering predictive insights to the sector, and with the funding awarded, Entopy has successfully deployed its novel micromodel technology, accurately predicting freight traffic flows to a major UK port.

Toby Mills, CEO of Entopy said: “We are excited to formalise our partnership with the University of Essex. From day one, it was clear that this relationship would flourish, with alignment of research focus and a healthy dynamic between the teams.

The next milestones for our micromodel’s technology focus on broadening use case applicability, building a library of generalised models and developing novel federation techniques and are critical to extending the capability to other sectors and use cases.”

Robert Walker, Head of Business Engagement at the University of Essex commented: “We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Entopy, funded via Innovate UK, and we are hopeful it is the first of many with this exciting business. Entopy, an innovative force in the field of data analytics and applied Artificial Intelligence, typify the knowledge-hungry business we strive to work alongside. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration with industry leaders to advance cutting-edge technology. I am excited to see how the project progresses.”