Introducing Digital Twin Portal

We continue to innovate and push boundaries here at Entopy. This latest addition to the Entopy platform increases flexibility with regards to how the data required to create Digital Twins can be ingested and extends transparency across all users and stakeholders involved.

For the first time, users can view Digital Twins at each stage of their lifecycle within Entopy. Before, users could interact with the live Twin, but Digital Twin Portal enables users to view ‘part-baked’ Twins in Draft, invalidated Twins, and the reasons why and live Twins with full visibility of all metadata. What’s more, we have enabled manual input processes and automated population of ‘Twin’ schematics to work together as one.

Our aim is always to leverage data from existing domains, and this is for several reasons. However, in some cases, capturing data from an existing domain is not possible. This could be because the data doesn’t exist (there are different levels of system maturity across businesses), the systems and data are there but there is no way of interfacing with those systems etc.

Entopy’s ‘conductor’ role means that it is designed to sit across multiple systems across multiple stakeholders. This will always mean we have to interact with lots of different systems, of different types and ranging maturities.

The new features inside ‘Digital Twin Portal’ enable us to be much more flexible in the way we capture data to populate our ‘Digital Twins’. It allows us to work part automated, part manual. It allows Entopy to flex around existing business processes whilst maintaining a high quality of service.

Draft ‘Twins’ can be manually added to before moving to live use. To support this, we have extended notifications centre to notify relevant stakeholders when key pieces of data are required from them. So, when we need human input due to a missing piece of data, we can take that request directly to the specific person from whom we need input.

Digital Twin Portal also enables all stakeholders to log in and view the metadata for the Digital Twins created in Entopy. Of course, access is permission-based and on an individual Twin basis. This additional transparency ensures trust is maintained across the network and supports data governance to ensure the data quality remains strong.

We are super excited about this major toolset and subsequent features that have been added to the Entopy platform. And it’s already being used, helping one of our newest clients to deploy Entopy across their extensive supplier network, comprised of ranging IT literacy and system maturity.

Digital Twin Portal is an obvious addition to the evolving Entopy platform, and we are excited to see what new features, ideas and developments come off the back of it.