Own the entire supply chain

Last week, when speaking to a customer, we discussed what the Entopy platform meant for their business. This customer has been on an 18-month Journey with Entopy, connecting the various disparate stakeholders, respective systems and data-feeds, centrally to enable greater control, visibility and centralised communication.

Speaking with the CEO, he said: ”We own and operate 10% of our supply chain. Yet with Entopy, to our customers, it looks as if we own the entire network.”

So elegantly had this person put how the Entopy platform had empowered his business.

Indeed, this business still only operates c. 10% of their supply chain. By that, I mean they own the vehicles, warehousing and management functions. They outsource the other 90% to partners (logistics companies, courier services and drop shippers).

The Entopy platform ‘sits’ centrally amongst these various stakeholders and their respective systems, harmonising the data centrally and distributing fully branded, bespoke shipment notifications to customers. So, from a customer’s point of view, it’s our customers brand that is present throughout the journey.

Furthermore, this centralisation of data across the supply chain makes operational management and awareness much easier. Support staff can view all shipments centrally. They have consistent alerting across multiple logistics partners, courier services and drop shippers supply chains. Everything is consistent and visible centrally.

Of course, our customer does not own and operate their entire supply chain as that simply wouldn’t make business sense. But the Entopy platform enables them to deliver a consistent experience to their e-commerce customers and enables centralise visibility and awareness.

The impression on their customers is a powerful one. Especially as businesses continue to seek innovative ways to differentiate as customers move online.

The technology sitting behind all of this is detailed and complex. But the overarching value statement, as so well put by our customer, encapsulates the power that Entopy can deliver for businesses.