About Entopy

Based just outside of Cambridge, Entopy is an innovative data & analytics business, using cutting-edge techniques and concepts to help businesses gain tangible value from their data. Our Solution-as-a-Service model combines our proprietary software with our expert developers to ensure we can deliver with speed and flexibility. This ultimately means we shorten time to value and can deliver net considerably more cost-effectively than our nearest competitors.

Our journey:

Our journey began in 2017, with an initial focus on supply chain & logistics. We saw this vertical as a good proving area given the complexity of modern supply chain networks. They comprise many moving parts, and multiple stakeholders/actors with fast-moving and dynamic processes. If you like, we chose the harshest and most challenging environments to test our technology and concepts.

Our starting point was to develop both hardware and software. A two-year development process saw us build a wide area communicating Internet of Things (IoT) devices from scratch, all the way through to setting up manufacturing in the UK. This process helped us to develop a deep understanding of how these devices work and how they behave which has stood u in good stead later in our journey.

Alongside the hardware development, we were building our software platform. The job of the software was to take the data from our IoT devices and give it meaning and context – this is where the concept of the digital twin was born in our company. The software had to be immensely flexible, able to cope with data that was constantly changing both in terms of format and structure. We had to be able to introduce new questions to ensure we were maximising value to our early customers. This caused us to work heavily on the underlying architecture, asking ourselves hypotheticals and ensuring our software could deliver on them. In short, this development process is one of the main reasons our platform boasts the flexibility it does today.

In 2020, following successful beta trials with major brands, we launched our platform. But the hardware component was shelved. We had decided that the real value was in the orchestration of data, introducing meaning and context to uncover hidden answers in real time. Instead of generating new data, we set out to help businesses make sense of and realise value from the data they already had.

The platform launched and has grown significantly since. We have proven our software at scale, delivering for major brands, institutions, and governments. We have demonstrated the value and importance of our speed & flexibility. We have proven our ability to deliver at scale and a fraction of the cost of our nearest competitors.

Today, our platform serves multiple industries. We are use case and sector agnostic with a model and framework that ensures speed of delivery, works closely with our customers and surrounding domain experts, and offers the flexibility to grow and change as the landscape and businesses evolve.

Finally, our name. The name Entopy is quite a story. One of the earliest innovations in our company was the use of intelligent, self-forming mesh networks to help maximise the battery life of IoT devices. We gave this technology a name: Neural Network Plasticity. This became NNP which then became N2P, the phonetic spelling of which is Entopy. Our software continues to follow the principles of the original mesh networks we created. The growing use of AI/ML models within our software, integrated in a modular way with the operational ‘plasticity’ if you like that facilitates the types of dynamic entity relationships means our name holds more relevance now than ever before.  

Working at Entopy:

The Entopy team is majority engineers and software developers. We are inquisitive and like to push boundaries and explore new ideas. We are always on the hunt for talent to join our team. Our working environment is very relaxed, we pride ourselves on our flat structure and strive to ensure the best ideas win as opposed to the loudest voice.

If you are interested in joining our team, get in touch at careers@entopy.com