Entopy core

Entopy core:

Entopy’s foundational software models data in a way that reflects the real world using a combination of underlying technologies, frameworks and concepts including Reference Data Framework (RDF) and its proprietary ontology.

Over several years, Entopy has developed foundational software that supports core aspects around creating dynamic data models for unique environments quickly and effectively, whilst serving core technology components to deliver effective operational intelligence.

Several proprietary software scripts process, clean and map data to Entopy’s foundational object model. Data is attributed to real-world things (objects) which enable the integration of radically different data types, sourced from systems that are not designed to interoperate, giving meaning and context to the data, and serving critical data segmentation capabilities.

The Entopy core can combine radically different data, of different types, etc. historically and in real-time, making sense of the large, complex, and disparate datasets often associated with dynamic, real-world, multistakeholder environments.

Connecting data:

Data can easily be connected to Entopy via API. Interfaces are typically two-way, enabling Entopy to deploy logic to target data capture, supporting data privacy and security when integrating data across complex ecosystems. 

Entopy offers a range of other tools including subpub, webhooks, etc, to facilitate data capture where API integration is not possible and we provide developer support to ensure system integration and data capture is seamless. 

Entopy also has a library of pre-existing integrations (connectors) allowing it to source data to fuel the digital twin quickly and cost-effectively.