Gaining effective and actionable operational intelligence in unique, complex, and dynamic operational environments is challenging. Entopy’s foundational thesis is that for software to deliver effective intelligence, it must be built into and around the target environment and be capable of capturing the unique dynamics of the target operation. For that reason, standard, off-the-shelf SaaS products don’t cut it anymore. Businesses need more than a hosted webform or a new project management tool.  

This leaves businesses with a poor choice. They can either build the software themselves or hire an external consultancy.

Most organisations do not have banks of data scientists, engineers and software developers waiting to build solutions on top of them. IT consultancies will build solutions, but delivery timeframes are often beyond 12-months (time most organisations don’t have) and they come with a hefty price tag.  Furthermore, whilst platform services do exist that provide some of the foundational tools required to build digital twins of operational environments, they are limited in functionality and flexibility, resulting in restricted, suboptimal, and inflexible solutions.   

Entopy’s approach combines its proprietary software and its expert developer resource to deliver operational and predictive intelligence as-a-service. This combination enables us to deliver highly effective intelligence, unique to the target environment, capable of evolving and flexing with the business, at speed.

We can go from initial contact to deployment in just a few weeks, following and iterative path to build out the model and intelligence provided, shaping it to the business requirements. This approach has proven highly effective, not only in delivering value but also taking the organisation with the digital transformation.