Fast-start methodology

Entopy’s framework that has been developed and tested over many years. This framework is designed to ensure the highest value can be delivered whilst limiting costs and time commitments and ultimately, reducing risk.

But this framework also ensures that time to value is shortened, and proof of value can be demonstrated as quickly as possible, to grow and support engagement across the business and further develop understating of application and business systems.


Fast-start methodology phases:

Discovery: Entopy personnel work closely with customer teams and key stakeholders through a series of meetings, workshops, and reviews. The purpose of these sessions is to develop a deep operational understanding of the business, specific business processes and structure.

During the discovery phase, Entopy and customer teams will develop an initial Proof of Concept (PoC) plan. The PoC is designed to demonstrate value, drive engagement, and develop rapport and understanding between Entopy and the customer teams and systems.

Proof of Value: Entopy looks to get to delivery of PoC as quickly as possible. Using standardised packages, Entopy can deploy its software in a test environment quickly. The PoC will be used to demonstrate and prove the value of Entopy approach.

A key step during the PoC phase is customer teams’ engagement. The PoC acts as an initial testbed and customer teams are encouraged to engage and offer feedback and ideas. This engagement is critical in supporting the next phases but also provides key insights to help shape the first scaled deployments.

Deployment: Following the successful PoC, Entopy deploys its enterprise-grade software platform with the full suite of environments to support the robustness of the software whilst allowing for continued agile iteration. The deployment will be shaped by the target use case which will have been developed throughout the discovery and PoC phases.

Growth: Entopy does not just leave it there. Our teams will continue to work closely with customer teams from strategy & operational to technical development. Applications will continue to be developed and enhanced, new data-driven services will be delivered, and the underlying digital twin will continue to be developed and extended.

The growth phase can last as long as the customer chooses. There is no stock clock. It is Entopy’s belief that this approach, this framework is the only way to ensure true competitive advantage through software for our customers.