Fast-start methodology

Entopy’s framework that has been developed and tested over many years. This framework is designed to ensure the highest value can be delivered whilst limiting costs and time commitments and ultimately, reducing risk.

But this framework also ensures that time to value is shortened, and proof of value can be demonstrated as quickly as possible, to grow and support engagement across the business and further develop understating of application and business systems.


Fast-start methodology phases:

Proof of Concept (PoC): We work closely with customer teams and key stakeholders through an initial workshop. The purpose of this session is to develop a deep operational understanding of the business, specific business processes and structure. 

The discovery workshop will output a candidate for a PoC. This PoC will be delivered rapidly, proving the technology, building confidence and stimulating ideas. 

Proof of Value (poV): The PoV builds on the PoC, extending the model over a slightly longer term, connecting more data sources and introducing new concepts, workflows and micromodels. 

The purpose of the PoV is simple. To deliver tangible, measurable, quantifiable value (ROI) that can support a business case for a longer-term engagement. 

Partnership: Each stage carries zero obligation to proceed to the next. This helps to de-risk any deployment and ensures that all stakeholders are aligned. 

By the time we get to discussing a longer-term partnership, tangible value is clear for all and a more productive partnership conversation can unfold.